The Best USMLE Motivation For International Medical Graduates Residency Aspirants

The Best USMLE Motivation for Foreign Medical Graduates:

Many average people have done it and you can do it too. The best part is that there is no competition. It is not merit based In an entrance test like it is in home countries. So, as long as you finish required steps, you are in the game for match like anybody else.

It requires the same amount of hard work that you need to put to get Post Graduate position in your home countries. But, you got lot more money than that you get in your home country.

The USA may fund more residency spots in future due to shortage of doctors. It may become easier in future but we never know for sure. Just got to wait and see.

You just need to finish Step 1 with high score and after that you will know how to do the rest.

There are lot of unmarried young students who come to USA and so it’s not a bad idea to marry them to come to USA easily and work on your plan to get into residency incase you can’t come on your own.

Think of the situation after residency when you have enough money to buy your dream car, dream house, dream vacation spot, dream spouse (lol) etc.

Think of several opportunities you can get like research, fellowship, leadership like medical director, etc once you finish residency.

Think of wearing a long sleeved white coat and working in the best hospitals and helping American population with their health issues.

Think about living in a great country like USA which is one of the safest countries to live.

If you passed all the medical school subjects, you can easily get good scores in USMLE. You need a good plan and motivation. Being motivated is the most important thing in getting success with residency spot.

If we live for 75 years (suppose), can’t you work for just 2 years to live happy for the rest of the years? Remember, I did not say “Work Hard”, but just “work more hours” and work smart. Don’t go for too many resources, select good ones and be completely thorough with them.

Now and then, it will get overwhelming but don’t give up. Just take a small break and go to worship your God. Come back and start reading again.

Majority of those who already got residency spots so far have felt exactly like you when they were at your stage. I definitely felt horrible while preparing for steps. I cried, I got depressed, felt anxious but I did it. You can do it too.

Remember, only you can motivate yourself and that motivation will last longer. Find your own ways of motivating yourself.

Good Luck, My Friends. Think about all the things you always wanted to buy when you were a teenager and also in medical college. A day will come soon and you will be able to buy all that.