Thank You Letter Sample Format For Interview Invitation

Email Format For Thanking When You Receive Interview Invitation

Usually, you will get email from the program coordinator. You can reply to her/him and schedule an appointment for the interview. Remember they are very busy with hundreds of things to do. Please be brief and save them some time. They usually give 3-4 choice of dates to choose from. They will also tell you to choose 2 or 3. It depends on the program. There is no specific format. You can get creative if you like but it won’t change anything. Reply as soon as possible because if you take time, sometimes, you may lose the interview opportunity. Yes, it happened.

Subject: Thanks for the Interview Invitation-choosing the date

Hi Ms. Smith,

Thanks for the Interview Invitation for the internal medicine residency position. I would like to attend the Interview on October 3rd, 2015. If that date is not available then I would like to attend on October 5th, 2015 as a second choice. Please let me know if the first date is available.

Dr. Applicant,
AAMC ID: xxxxxxx