Thank You Letter Sample Format After Residency Interview

Thank You Letter After Finishing The Residency Interview

The program director may or may not read your letter. It all depends on the individual program director. Some give time to read and answer your letter. Those who reply may say that they also liked you as a candidate and would love you to work with them in future. The Program Directors themselves say that the candidates should take their reply with a grain of salt. They may not imply that they are going to rank you very high or give a prematch. It is just a courtesy reply. Since we don’t know which program director likes these thank you letters and who don’t, we have to send these letters to all the program directors expecting not much in return. These may not add much value. The main interview decides your matching chances.

Dr. Smith,
The Program Director.
The Best IM Residency Program,
Bronx, NY-10466.

Subject: Very much interested in your program.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the very pleasant experience that I had when I interviewed for a residency position in the Internal Medicine on October 1st 2015. I really enjoyed meeting you and learning more about the position. I appreciate you taking your time to talk to me about my qualifications and about my interest in the position. I liked the program very much because of the wide spectrum of patient experience, its foundation on academics and research, the fellowship opportunities it provides and the dedicated faculty who teach the residents.

[Here, write specifically about your interaction with the PD especially if you touched upon an interesting topic and had an interesting conversation]

Thank you again for offering me the chance to visit your program and meet with you and your fellow faculty and residents. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future. I once again express my sincere interest in your program. I will definitely rank it very high in the Match.

Dr. Joe.
AAMC ID: 982597