Residency Interview Dress / Suit For Male Candidates

Some General Ideas regarding Residency Interview Dress for Men

First impression is the best impression in interview season. Buy a real good suit in which you look awesome. Take ample time for selection while buying. Do not wait for deals to buy a cheap one just to save a few bucks.

Do not throw away the protective cover they give when you buy and also the large hanger that comes with suit when you buy. It is very convenient to store and carry along during your journey.

After each interview, change to your casual clothes as soon as possible so that you can keep your suit in a good shape for several interviews to come.

Buy a few shirts as you never know what stain loves your shirt at what time.

If you fly, do not check in the suit and also your documents. You should be in a position to attend the interview even if there is a delay in getting your baggage.

Have short hair. Get haircut a week before the interview ideally. If not get hair line trimmed if you got hair growing beyond the hair line on the neck.

Here are some ideas from what I think will help while choosing dress for your interview. There are no strict rules. Just make sure it is the best you could find.


-solid (I prefer) or pinstripe
-Well fitted, not tight-This is the most important point. If it fits well, it looks good.
-Navy or Charcoal or gray Color-Most ideal colors
-Two button
– Notch lapel

-No Tags-Make sure you remove tags which contain company’s name or logo.
-No Three piece suit-I have not seen even a single three piece suit during two years I attended 24 interviews.
-No pleats on the pant-There will be too many folds as they will have extra cloth due to pleats.
-No black suit/light colors-for some reason pure black suit does not look good and is not recommended
-No shoulder pad-this gives folds on your upper lateral arm and does not give a good look


-Make sure the neck is not too tight-This is very important. Some of the people may have short necks and this point is more important for them.
-white, light blue or any other light color if it suits your suit.
-Spread collars instead of ‘pointed’
-No French cuffs with Cufflinks -do not look good with suit.
-No button down collar for shirts when you wear your a suit over it.


-Dark brown, black or whatever shits your suit, be of the same color as your shoes.

-Repeating stripes, dark solids or grenadine-Lot of people think red color shows power. Navy is also a good color
-‘Half-Windsor’ or ‘Four in hand knot’-You can google to know how to tie these knots.
-Correct width-Some wear very thin ones but better avoid them. Very wide ones look odd.

-Tip of the tie should just meet your belt or else it is longer or shorter than that it does not give a good look.

-Put the back of the tie through the label on the back of the wide part of the tie, so that the ends stay together
-No bow tie


-Shiny/polished-Buy shoes which shine upon polishing and carry instant shine sponge.
-Very dark brown or black color shoes with Laces-Tie the laces well.
-Cap toes or oxfords look professional
-No square toed shoes-they may not look well for interview


Calf-length plain socks that match your suit

Note: I have no experience about women’s dress.

Good Luck.