Intern Survival Guides Helpful At The Beginning Of Residency

These are some of the links to the Internal Medicine Intern Survival Guides. These tips are mainly for the interns but hospitalists can go through the list to see if a few points here and there can be assimilated as additions to the existing knowledge base for common in-patient issues.

1. University Of Colarado, Anschutz Medical Campus, Intern Survival Guide

The first 28 pages are just for interns of that medical center. Then the actual information on different hospital medical cases is given. You can directly start on 29th page. This is one of the most comprehensive survival guides I found.

2. Keck School of Medicine of USC University

This is a kind of short document. Start from 5th page.

3. University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, House staff survival Guide

This is an other comprehensive list of all the most common conditions the nurses will be calling the interns for issues with patients in the floors.

4. Intern Nightfloat Survival Guide

This is a good summary of some tips to survive the night work.

5. UCSF Hospitalist Handbook

This is made by hospitalists from UCSF. It is very valuable to go through for new hospitalists.