How to Deal With Phone Interview Prior To Actual Residency Interview?

Important Things To Know About Telephone Residency Interview.

Did you receive residency interview on phone? Be prepared for an unexpected phone interview call from the residency programs. Very few do this to save money and time by calling candidates to find out who are not really interested in their program. This will also tell them if you are good at speaking good English.  Treat this as a real interview.

First of all, ask their last name and refer them as Dr. LastName while talking to that person a few times during your conversation. It is  plus point to remember their name and say it a few times while talking to them.

If they give you opportunity to set up a time to talk, then you are lucky as you will get some time to read their website to know more about the program and the people prior to talking to them. If not, you have to prepare for a generic phone interview just to be ready so that you can avoid ruining your unexpected phone interview.

Always be ready with most common questions. Tell me about yourself? Why our program? Why IM? Why New York City Program? Your future goals? Why should we choose you? How do you handle stress? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your skills that set you apart from other applicants? etc.

Since they can’t see your face while talking, they depend totally on your voice. Be slow as you are IMGs and talk very clearly.

If they call you unexpectedly, do not hesitate to ask permission to give a second so you can move to a calm place. If your cell phone charge is low, tell them in advance and ask if you can call them back from landline.

Avoid talking too much or too less. Answer to the point. Do not beat around the bush. If you do not know anything they ask, say so. Do not be very loud and at the same time, avoid too soft voice.

Watch TV daily at least for an hour or two if you want to learn american accent and if you want to make yourself comfortable to understand american accent. It helped me. I used to watch ‘Sienfeld’ daily during that season. It was fun.

Do not be scared. Talk with out fear. Tell yourself in your mind that “those who are calling are also simple people like me”. That may make you more comfortable.

Good Luck.