H1B Visa Application Process For Interns

H1B Visa application issues for interns and residents.

Congratulations on matching!!!.

Applying for H1B can be time taking. Here, I tried to gather some information to help make documents ready for H1B for interns and Residents. After matching, it is better to go with the lawyer your residency program coordinator suggests. Sometimes the hospitals have their own lawyers. You will get an email about this information from your program coordinator after you match.

Join the Facebook group for H1B residents to discuss all about this with those who are in the similar situation.

You need the following documents at least and you will get this list from your immigration attorney that you choose.
1) Current and Old passport with visa pages
2) Residency contract
3) USMLE transcript including step 3 [You need step 3 results]
4) Medical school transcript
5) Medical diploma
6) ECFMG certificate
7) Depending on state you might need to apply for license. In New York, you do not need state license. You work under hospital license.

Most hospitals are exempt from H1b cap. So, no need to worry about the April lottery system.

It takes a good bit of time to get the application processed. So, it is better to go for premium processing to avoid stress. They give the H1B approval with in maximum of two weeks but it costs extra money.

Regarding the fee, some hospitals pay the entire fees themselves. Some pay half. Some don’t pay anything. Following is the fee structure for H1b.
Regular processing-2500$
Premium – 3700$

More information will be added as available and as needed.