Complete List Of Things To Do and Carry For Residency Interview

Here is a list of things you need to carry for each residency interview. Keep it handy so you do not feel at a disadvantage on the day of the interview.

Travel/Hotel arrangements-plane tickets

Some cash, I would say $200 (your wish)

Review the program’s website, Write questions to ask, Copy of CV, Personal statement, application, copy of interview invitation with other details sent by program coordinator

Hair-Get a nice haircut a week prior to your interview. Trim your hairline if your hair is not ready for a cut for males. Trim your nails,
Toiletries in a small separate bag-Razor, Toothbrush/toothpaste, Comb, Moisturizer, small shampoo, conditioner, Mild perfume, Granola bar, Tylenol/Tylenol cold just in case you get Cold, small scissors, chap stick etc.
Interview/ Pre-Interview dinner clothes, Extra shirt, belt, tie, mini lint brush, watch

Interview bag/Portfolio (with zipper), pen
Winter clothes-Long coat, Gloves, Ear mufflers

Wallet with a credit card, driving license, passport if you don’t have license
Extra glasses if you wear glasses or contacts
Camera/batteries-You need to keep those memories of the places you visit.
Phone/Tablet with charger

GPS if you are planning to rent a car
Formal Shoes with a instant shining sponge, extra pair of socks, Sneakers for travel

Prescription Medications if you need

Emergency sewing kit just in case your button does not want to stay on your clothes. You can get one for $2 in wallmart.

Last but not the least, Pray God for he will grant your wish.

Try your best not to get sick a few days prior to the interview until you finish your interview. Avoid going out if you absolutely do not need to go.

Good Luck