Best USMLE Residency Match Facebook Groups in Different Specialties

Here are the Facebook Groups that you should join and discuss your specialty topics for Residency application and matching. SPAM is not allowed so that you do not need to waste time. You can concentrate on reading for your steps with the saved time and get good scores.

Note: These groups are only for exchanging information about the process of the USMLE/Residency match. Please do not talk about any USMLE  exam content anywhere. Please watch this video–>

USMLE Motivation: This is the heart of all USMLE preparation. Get motivated daily so that you are energized to give your best to get the best possible scores. You can not find such a wonderful place like this anywhere on internet.

USMLE Motivation Group


Residency Interview Preparation: This group is the most important group. After all the hard work you have put in for several years, this group will train you to ace the interview and get that residency spot you have always dreamed of.

Residency Interview Preparation

2017 Resdiency Match Group: This is the best group with NO SPAM and is going to be the best group for candidates applying next season.

best facebook group for 2017 residency match

2018 Residency Match Group: Start gathering together if you are applying for 2018 match. Start preparation early.

best residency match facebook group 2018