Anesthesia Match Success Story and Tips

Dear anesthesiology applicants.
I am writing this because I had a hard time applying for the match as there was no one to guide me with respect to Anesthesiology residency.
This is my experience with tips in short.
First clear all steps with good scores. Get US Clinical Experience [USCE] with good LORs, publications, etc.
Anesthesiology residency is two types.
Advanced  ~    3 yrs. and
Categorical     ~4yrs

  To do advanced, you need 1 year of prelim surgery or prelim Internal Medicine or Transitional yr.
So now you apply to categorical, advanced , transitional , prelim programs.
Prelim Internal Medicine and transitional year programs are more competitive, prelim surgery is sort of easy to get in. So apply wisely.

Of course if you have an advanced spot you are preferred during Ranking for prelim position.

There is only 1 advanced anesthesia program  where paper application is accepted i.e. out of ERAS.  That is NY Methodist.
But they prefer people who have done residency in their home country. But no prelim spot as they don’t sponsor visas.

So apply in the month of August to NY Methodist so  that you will save some money as well on application.
Interviews are mostly general and may be Drexel people ask some anesthesia related questions . No other program asks Anesthesia questions.

Henry ford, Wayne state Oakland, Baystate,  Kendal,   Iowa, Chicago cook county,  Drexel , Jefferson, Advilocate Illinois , SUNY downstate  prefer IMGs with high scores.

Carribean grads are preferred in Geisinger.

NY Methodist has prelim positions provided you don’t need visas.

But in the end, it’s the overall CV that matters with your Interview performance.

> Akshatha